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LTCOL K.W. Andrus
Commanding Officer of HMH-361


       I would like to thank this Man for being
  a Father to all of us who, were mere teenagers
  in the foreign world Phu Bai and Da Nang.
  I have enormous admiration for "Andy".
  He showed us the way and helped us to do our
  jobs and keep up our spirits.
        It is with deep respect that I thank you for
  being the father figure and Marine Officer you
  are and were to me and many like me in Vietnam.

LTCOL Mac Tweed
Commanding Officer of HMM-361


VIETNAM 1966-67

Col. Tweed  is loved by every member that has served under his
command. His troops have such admiration for this fine gentlemen 
they would follow him into battle today if he asked them.


These photos listed below were sent in by the members of
HMR-361    HMM-361   HMH-361.

If you would like to share your photos please email or snail mail them.
I will return them ASAP

      Please mailto for any photos, comments, suggestions, or bad links



To see the a Photo set, click on a photos below.


HMH-361 Photos

submitted photo Andy Andrus 10 Photos HMH-361

rudi3_small.jpg (4689 bytes) Rudi Nebel 8 Photos HMH-361

birds_small.jpg (2855 bytes) E. H. Dink Crowe 13 Photos HMH-361

3rd_herdsm.JPG (5680 bytes) Alan J. Weiss 4 Photos HMH-361

Jim R. Watson 5 Photos HMH-361


HMM-361 Photos

 Paul H. Prestridge   1 Photo 1963 HMM-361

Scott Estabrook   9 Photos 1962-63 1965-66 HMM-361

Mac Tweed   6 Photos 1966-67 HMM-361

Bruce M. Crow 9 Photos 1967 HMM-361

Bill (Big Ed) Edwards 8 Photos 1966-67 HMM-361  

A.C. Daniel 24 Photos 1967-68-69 HMM-361/363  

George DeBarge 3 Photos 1963 HMM-361  

Robert Carroll 15 Photos 1963-64 HMM-361  

John Ray 7 Photos 1966-67 HMM-361

Ron Hatton 4 Photos 1963-64 HMM-361 08/11/01

John Beeman 4 Photos 1967-68 HMM361 08/11/01

Toby Goecks 1 Photo 1965-66 HMM-361 08/11/01

  Gib Moore 10 Photos 1967-68  HMM-361 08/11/01

  Bob Bowen 8 Photos 1966 HMM-361 08/12/01

Richard Dittman 4 Photos 1963-64 HMM-361 01/27/02

borgan-5.jpg (37025 bytes) Dan L. Borgan 10 Photos 1966 HMM-361 KyHa & Marble Mt.


HMR-361 Photos

John Maltby 3 Photos 1959-60 HMR-361

Edward Madison 3 Photos 1958 HMR-361  

mallen3.jpg (26104 bytes) Pat Mallen 7 Photos 1958-59 HMR-361


Special thanks to everyone who has sent in photos

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