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HMM-361  HMH-361  HMR-361

Reunion 98 Pensacola Beach
Sept. 17-20, 1998

361 Squadron Group Photo

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Members who attended Reunion 98 at Pensacola

*361 Coordinators 

*Alan Weiss HMH-361     *Brian Baker HMM-361     *John B. Maltby HMR-(L)-361

  Mac Tweed,  Roger Herman,  George DeBarge,  Patrick Hayes,  Jack Ballard,  John A. Oubre,
John P. Ray
, Terry L. English,  John Aucella,  Jack Warner,  Tom Kanaley,  Joe Watson,
Harold "Willie" WilliamsDan Armstrong,  Larry G. Adams,  R.D. Lewer,
A.R. "Bob" Peters,  Bruce "Buzzard" Crow,  Joe Samol,   Roger "Zoof" Cederholm,
Forrest "Squirt" Crone,  Gerald V. Glenn,  Dave Magee,  Darrell Lowe,  L.Q. Vann,
Larry Marsh,  G.W. Johnson,  Ernie Needham,  Stuart Schultz,   Jess Pugh,  Tom Kelly,

  Tom Eagles,  Fran Curnow,  David Deyo,  Tim Kirkman,  Dick Hooton, Gib Moore,
C.V. "Spook" Juncker,  Jim Usher,  Jesse Greer,  Martin & Justin Poleski,  Bob Davis,
Bud Nichol,  Tim Hawkins,  Robert Plots, Bob Femte,  Richard Wagner,  John Nealy,
Larry Winters,  Ken Mott,  Al "bravo" Thomas,  P. R. Smith, El Reichert,  Ben Inman,
Joe Buckman,  Gene Harig,  Seppo Hurme,  Rudi Nebel,  Frank Fleming,   Greg Hughes,

Don "Wags"Wagoner,  Gary Zimmermann,  Fred Patterson,  Arch Robertson,  John Trainor,

Neal "Rocky" Graziano,  Don Wilmont,   Joe Buckman,  Richard Harrelson,
Walter L. "Buddy" Sanders,  E. H. "Dink" Crowe

If you weren't there you missed a GREAT TIME!!!!!

If your name is not listed above please contact me and I will add you to our list.


Brian and myself would like to thank everyone who attended the reunion for their help and support. We also want to thank everyone who could not attended the reunion but contributed to the cause. We hope everyone had a great time and we look forward to see you all again in two years.   " Semper Fi"
                                                                          Al Weiss & Brian Baker


This UH-34D made a fly over several times a day.

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Reunion Photos Reunion Photos Reunion Photos Reunion Photos Reunion Photos

These photos

are part of the

fly over each day.

2nd group photo

Col. Tweed and Roger Herman

I hope you enjoyed seeing these photo's from our Pensacola Reunion 98.

Special thanks to Vincent Curto of VMO-2 VMO-6 for these beautiful photo's.


If you have photos from the reunion you would like added to my site.

Please scan them in Gif or JPEG format and e-mail them to me


Reunion PhotosClick here for our "361 Reunion 98 Photo Tour"

Photos listed below are the same as in Reunion Tour

Reunion PhotosUH-34D fly over

Reunion PhotosUH-34D hovers over the beach

Reunion PhotosVolunteers carry 4 holer to the beach

Reunion Photos4 Holer (out house) a test run

Reunion PhotosA short visit to Trader Jon's

Reunion PhotosBrian, along side this restored UH-34D

Reunion PhotosBrian Baker,and myself  next to restored UH-34D

Reunion Photos361 Group Photo

Reunion Photos361's Mini Reunion dinner photos & my body guards at the Dinner

Reunion Photos361's Mini Reunion dinner photos

Reunion PhotosHMH-361 Members Group Photo

Reunion PhotosCol. Mac Tweed with squadron members

Reunion PhotosCH-46 reunion fly over.


More to come soon



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