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Sikorsky CH-53A Sea Stallion

Manufacturer: Sikorsky
Designation: CH-53
Version: A
Nickname: Sea Stallion
Type: Helicopter (Cargo / Transport)
Length: 88' 2" 26.87 M
Height: 17' 1" 5.21 M
Wingspan: 72' 3" 22.02 M
Empty Weight: 22900.0 lbs 10385.0 Kg
Gross Weight: 42000.0 lbs 19047.0 Kg
No. of Engines: 2
Powerplant: General Electric T64-GE-413
Horsepower (each): 3925
Range: 257 miles 413.00 Km
Cruise Speed: 173.00 mph 278.00 Km/H 150.27 Kt
Max Speed: 196.00 Mph 315.00 Km/H 170.27 Kt
Ceiling: 21000.0 Ft 6400.50 M


SIKORSKY CH-53A (H-53A) "Sea Stallion"
Ordered in August l962 for service with the Marine Corps, the CH-53 "Sea Stallion" was the largest of all Sikorsky helicopters at the time of development with a huge load carrying capability in a fuselage comparable to conventional fixed-wing designs. Equipped with rear loading doors and controlled winches at the forward end of the hold, the CH-53 could successfully transport either a one and a half ton truck and trailer, a Hawk missile system, an Honest John missile and trailer, or a 105 mm howitzer. In a troop carrying configuration, it could accommodate thirty-eight fully equipped troops or twenty-four stretchers (later versions could carry up to fifty-five troops). The "Sea Stallion" was also fitted with a watertight lower section for emergency water landings and all but the first thirty-four models were fitted with hard points for towed minesweeping equipment. Later versions had folding main and tail rotors for shipboard operations. The first of 265 production models was first flown on 4 October l964.

September l966, variants of the "Sea Stallion" were ordered by the Air Force for search and rescue operations in Viet Nam and became known as the "Super Jolly Green Giants". The first deployment of the CH-53 with the Marines occurred in January l967. Thereafter, Navy and Marine Corps pilots/crews flew CH-53s for the remainder of the Viet Nam Conflict on transport and logistic missions. A noteworthy occasion in the history of minesweeping operations occurred on 27 February l973 when CH-53s began airborne sweeping for live mines in North Viet Nam harbors and shipping channels. This was later duplicated in efforts to locate mines and explosive devices in the Suez Canal as part of the overall operations to open that vital waterway for safe passage of ships.

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Sikorsky CH-53D Sea Stallion

FUSELAGE LENGTH: 67 feet, 6 inches.
 OVERALL LENGTH: 88 feet, 6 inches.
         WEIGHT: 24,606 pounds empty,
                 42,000 pounds maximum loaded weight
          SPEED: 130 knots cruise
                 196 mph maximum
        CEILING: 24,200 feet in horizontal flight;
                 13,400 feet hovering.
          RANGE: 600 nautical miles.
    POWER PLANT: two General Electric T64-GE-413 turboshaft engines.
           CREW: two pilots, one crewman.
     CONTRACTOR: Sikorsky Aircraft.

CH-53D Sea Stallion
The CH-53D Sea Stallion helicopter transports supplies, equipment, and personnel from ship to shore during amphibious assault operations. The aircraft was designed and developed specifically for the Marine Corps by Sikorsky. Loading and unloading, and roll-on and roll-off of some vehicles, is speeded up through the use of a rear ramp. External loads can be carried in slings or nets: It can mount two .50-caliber machine guns. The CH-53 used extensively by the Marines during the Vietnam War can transport 37 Marines or handle 24 litter patients and four attendants. Capable of lifting 8,000 pounds internally or externally under normal conditions, it can lift an additional 4,000 pounds in certain situations. The Corps operates three active squadrons of 12 aircraft each and two Reserve squadrons with a total of 16 aircraft. The Sea Stallion will continue to see service until sufficient numbers of V-22s are procured to permit its retirement.


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