Marine Corps Boot Camp Sound Clips
Parris Island, South Carolina

Sound clips are now working well, it will take about 1-2 minutes to download each file.

These are recordings I were made over 12 years ago from a 78 record I purchased while in boot camp 1966

I hope that you enjoy these sound clips that I have put together.
They will bring back memories and hopefully a laugh, like they have for me.

You will need Real Audio to listen to these sound clips.

Please take the time and download Real Audio Player. Click here

If anyone experiences any trouble with these Real Audio clips, email me Al
Please include RA version and modem speed you are using.

  Bus arrives My rifle
A  D.I.'s  warm welcome   He dropped his rifle A no!! no!!
First meal at the mess hall   Learning how to march
Learning my left from my right Scrubbing the deck
Head call "Reville"  Wake up


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