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Rotors spank the air
the green wasp lifts
from the jungle flowers of

In her thorax and abdomen crawl
men with wings on their chests
stamped from cheap

50 calibers rained down on the tree tops
as white flicks of soft light float up from the jungle below.
They rise in silence of engine roar to explode
through her thin green skin.
Tracer rounds dissect the space
exiting, entering, exiting, entering
the soft life within.
Oil flows blood flows.
The green wasp sinks
into the jungle flowers of

Cheap metal wings beat against the chest.
Rotors spank the air.
The green wasp sinks into the
jungle flowers of Vietnam.

Special Thanks to

Larry Winters
14 Millrock Road
New Paltz, NY 12561




Veterans Day

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I asked a friend whom I knew to be a veteran what
Veterans Day meant to him-and I listened
carefully to what he had to say:


“I don’t know quite where to begin”, he said slowly,
“For me, the meaning is in my heart.”
“I am proud to be an American who responded to my country’s call
and when called upon, I did my part.
Did I fight for freedom? Yes! our politicians will tell you,
as they strut and pontificate this Veteran’s Day.
Flags and red, white and blue bunting will adorn their platforms
as they glamorize sending young Americans into harm’s way.”

“Did I fight for your freedom? Its very difficult to say.
I have to remind you of a sign that adorns a place nearby,
Placed prominently on the green of the Boise Veterans Hospital.
In bold letters that have made some cry,
It says in patriotic language so noble and so American,
But many of the veterans who visit there will be reluctant to tell you-
Only if you have been in combat, is that message really clear.”

“Did I fight for your freedom? Hell no! is my first response.
I fought for the lives of friends and comrades caught in dark places.
Under fire, and besieged with stress unknown to most,
Killing other men and never quite able to forget they had faces.
Unable to have the luxury of grief for good friends suddenly dead,
your particular freedom nor anyone else's ever crossed my mind.
At least not then, and would not even now as I ponder these thoughts,
except, somehow, reason has to be found for those left behind.”

“Did I fight for your freedom? I guess I did, and mine too.
Some understanding person, maybe who had even been there,
Realized Veterans needed their day, a day of parades, remembrances
small American flags on Veterans graves, help for the cross we bear.
Freedom, the word is over used, but maybe appropriate for Veterans Day,
gives a tangible reason why wars must be fought.
Do not forget, as sweet as the word freedom sounds and is over used,
Freedom as you know it was very dearly bought.”

Last night they came to see me in my deep sleep, still young while I am old.
Sweede, Mel, Roger, others, whispering approval of what I just told.

Special Thanks to

K. W. Andrus
Colonel, USMC (Ret)

Veterans Day, 1996



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We waded ashore in
with weapons in our hand;
Not a single shot
was fired, as we dashed across the sand.
Since then, six
long years have passed, and we recall with pride
The grins and pains
of many friends who fought and bled and died.
Bleeding isn't glourious; there's no success in dying.
But to keep
men free of slavery is worth the grief of trying.
So, God,
if You'd accept the men who passed the final test,
We'd appreciate
Your kindness if You'd grant them
lasting rest.

Special Thanks to

Tom Bartlett
Leatherneck Association, Inc



My Visit To You
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When my sister called and told me you were in town today I immediately wanted to go see you.

Because it was always something I felt I should do

On the way there a feeling came over me that is hard to describe, all I could think of is what would they all say if they were alive.

As we entered the site and I saw all the people gathered around you I felt that maybe I shouldn't be here because there was no one listed that I knew.

I started to walk towards you and tears filled my eyes and it was getting harder to breathe.

Again the sensation came over me to just turn around and leave.

I continued to walk towards you and started to watch all the faces in the crowd.

Not a word being spoken, the sound of a pin dropping would have been very loud.

At first you were very small, but as I walked on, you became very mighty and very tall.

I took the time to read each name, for as if I was listed I would want you to do the same.

So do not look at this wall and say "what a waste", they gave their lives for our freedom and they gave it without haste

As I was leaving I felt proud that our nation honored our veterans in this way,

but was reminded by a soldier not to forget the thousands of POWs and MIAs still missing today.

Special Thanks to

In loving memory of my father

James Aslone CPL USMC WWII




A Stone Soldier
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On a Bright  sunny day

A Soldier stood saluting the Wall made up of a group of faces

 brothers, sister,Buddie were their name.

As hundreds of thousands of them stood to salute

(Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines)

This Stone Soldier back.

A single tear rolled silently down his cheek.

An Air Force fly over startled him,

"missing Man formation"? He wondered why...

This cannot be, As the Stone Soldier turns around

to see...

His name upon The Wall looking at He

His heart became cold, and still.

The Tear upon his cheek....., A solid crystal lite.

and it was He that was looking out from the Wall

To see his son looking at He...." He was looking

for me.." says the Stone Soldier.....

" He was looking for me.....

Special Thanks to
Carole Rice




Here see me now
I am here but don't know how
Why was I chosen to survive
When I couldn't keep bobby alive

It was one dark and dreary night
After a long and bloody battle
Our first lull
The noise still echoed in my skull

I looked up to see Bobby smile
For that I'd of walked the proverbial mile
As I smiled back
The silence was broke by a single crack

And a fountain of blood poured free
I yelled" no no this can't be"
Bobby now laid in my arms still
   with that smile upon his face
A vision I still can't erase

In the beginning I tried to drink it away
And many women begged me stay
I tried to make my peace with god
As tear's brim my eye's
and wet Bobby's sod

No, I shall not ever forget
Why me I've asked with regret
I would have gladly taken Bobby's place
I close my eye's to see Bobby's smile
       I can not erase

Oh I still trod on day by day
I smile and laugh even though
my skies are dark and gray
Most think of me as a joyous guy
Few know it all to be a lie

No I have not let it put me out
Though once in a while I still do howl and shout
But I am as stable as any of us can be
I realize I can still be me

But with 40 yrs behind me now
My life draws near and
                 all to often I ponder why and how
Am I here in this wondrous place
     it is late at night in darkness
      of my dreamless solitude
     I still see Bobby's smiling face!

Special Thanks to





Faceless, names on the wall
Once seen and now, not at all
I'll not see, to know
But, the wind, will surely, still blow

The book of death, has no faces
Once, listed in papers, from many places
Some, for me to know
Not many, faces of old to show

All those, many faces of war, that's past
Names that, will forever, last
Friendships, once grew,
but now, will never know
Their time has past, no more to grow

The names in my mind, blend, with faint  faces
Known friends, now gone, without any  traces
Wish, I could remember the best, you know?
But, thru time, time has taken it's toll

Their cause, that didn't last forever,
needs no faces
They died, blessed, by god's holy graces
Their actions, need only names to know
And the names, on this wall,
need no faces to go.

Special Thanks to

USMC 64 - 68
 VIETNAM 65-66




Semper Fi

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