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The Flying Tigers Newsletter 


It’s Our First!!

This is the first issue of Marine Helicopter Squadron 361 Veterans Association Newsletter

 We are launching this newsletter for 361 squadron members, past and present, and their friends as a way to keep in touch, share our stories and generally remain closer together. 361—from HMR to HMM to HMH—has always been one of the U.S. Marine Corps’ most spirited helicopter squadrons. It is one of the oldest and has a colorful history that spans almost 50 years.

 The newsletter of our sister squadron, HMM-362, The Ugly Angels, was available at the recent USMC/ Vietnam Helicopter Association reunion and we thought we should have one too. But it was Keith Cameron (1966), one of our coordinators for the 361 squadron mini-reunion in San Diego, who first suggested the idea and persuaded a few of us to get it going. Our plans are modest, just to communicate a few times a year. And our occasional newsletter mailings are not intended to interfere in any way with Popasmoke, the official USMC/Vietnam Helicopter Association quarterly newsletter.

 But creation of this newsletter and filing for 501c 3 tax-exempt status with the IRS, which has been started by Al Weiss (1969), also a coordinator at the August reunion, can benefit us in other important ways. The non-profit veteran’s group status will make us eligible, should we ever want to, to seek and obtain grant money, corporate gifts or other contributions on which they and we would be otherwise taxed.

 We envision getting future educational grants that will benefit veteran-related matters that would be in our interest. The process of obtaining our tax-exempt veterans organization will take some time, but when it is achieved it will make it easier to do other things in the future, such as build a memorial to the squadron. There is also interest in eventually locating and restoring an H-34. We would like to restore the 34 to its Marine appearance and work on its fly-ability later. It could be displayed at air shows, and we could use it for other educational purposes.

 But we need charter subscribers to get the newsletter into a hover. Otherwise, we’ll auto rotate. Charter subscriptions are $35 for the first 12 months. Subscription information can be found on page 7. But we do need you for this mission. We need the subscription support of all of our squadron members.

 So here we are. This is a volunteer effort from pre-press to mailing, with no paid staff Former Squadron 
Commander Andy Andrus (1968-69) has stepped forward to be treasurer and editor and publisher. Greg Hughes (1966) has volunteered to write. Bob Plots (1963-67) volunteered to be squadron historian. Keith Cameron is serving as an advisor.

 Everyone on my 361 Popasmoke roster should have received your free copy. 

If you are not on my 361 roster and want to receive the newsletters please sign up below.

Well, we’ve pre-flight checked this issue and are ready for take off. Hope you enjoy the ride, G.I.


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Marine Helicopter Squadron 361 Veterans Association Inc.
P.O. Box 429
Cutchogue, NY 11935
email ajweiss@abv.net

(Charter Members) are members who served with HMR-HMM-HMH 361
(Honorary Members) are family or friends of 361 


UH34D Restoration Project HMM361
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